How to prioritize your landscape renovation wants and needs


If you’ve decided to renovate your landscape, then you’ve likely spent some time considering all the elements your new yard can – or could – include. (If not, here’s our 15-question checklist to help you get started!)
Still, you probably have a very long list of possibilities to choose from. And truth be told, you may not be able to tackle them all because of budget constraints, space restrictions, or time.
What you need to do now is prioritize what landscape elements to include in your exciting new renovation!
Outline your top 3 must haves
Some popular items include gas fire pits, new patios, and pergolas. Other homeowners look for raised gardening plots or elegant water features. The point is, the choice is yours. Selecting 3 allows you to define what the focal point of your new yard will be and provide a place to start with your landscape renovation.
Check in on your budget range
While it’s not the most critical factor of your landscape renovation, your budget range can help determine the scale of your renovation. If your budget is smaller, some features can be planned for but implemented later when money is replenished. If your budget is large, you still want to make cohesive decisions.
Fine tune the details
Once you’ve made the large decisions, take a look at the smaller details like specific fauna you want to incorporate or color schemes for pavers. Decide which season you’d prefer your landscape to shine the most and how much time you’re willing to spend maintaining it after the renovation is complete.
Select the right landscaping contractor
We may be biased! But seriously, selecting your landscaping contractor is critical to the success of your renovation. You need a contractor who won’t leave you to your own devices to optimize the space you have. Your landscaping contractor should guide you through this prioritization process, making sure your landscape renovation design fits all your wants and needs. Your landscape renovation is a big investment, and your landscaping contractor is your partner in this process.
Early spring is a great time to begin planning your new renovation and prioritizing what elements are “must haves,” and some “maybe laters.” Don’t forget that renovations can take place any time of year, though, so it’s never too late to get started.
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15 questions to ask when starting a landscape renovation


So you’re considering a landscape renovation. It’s an exciting time! The world is your oyster, or, well, your yard is. You can create the oasis of your dreams; your very own personal retreat.

To keep that joyful exuberance, it’s important to take some time planning what kind of landscape renovation you’re looking to complete. But where do you begin?

Here are 15 questions to ask yourself as you begin your new landscape renovation:

Who will be using your yard?
Define the ultimate purpose behind your landscape renovation, making sure no needs are left unmet.

1. Will there be children using your new yard?
2. Do you like to entertain?
3. Do you have pets?

What do you want your yard to look like?
Formulate the overall design of your landscape renovation.

4. What kind of landscape style do you prefer?
5. How much are you looking to invest in your new yard?
6. Grass, xeriscaping, or somewhere in between?

How will you be using your yard?
Identify the primary activities you will enjoy from your new landscape renovation will.

7. Is gardening a priority?
8. What feature elements do you want to include?

When do you want your fauna to shine?
Be it Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall, there are different types of trees, plants, and flowers that shine beautifully in every season.

9. What types of trees do you prefer?
10. Do you prefer indigenous fauna?
11. What kind of plants or flowers do you want?

Where are you focusing your renovation?
The location of your landscape renovation narrows down the various features and design elements you have to choose from.

12. Front yard or back yard?
13. Is privacy a concern?

Why are you taking on this landscape renovation?

Beyond the design, think deeply about the other reasons for your landscape renovation.

14. How much maintenance are you willing to do?
15. How extensive do you want your renovation to be?

Hopefully this list of questions helps guide you through your new landscape renovation. Your landscaping contractor should know to ask all of these questions as well as be able to easily help you answer them, coming up with the best landscape renovation for your specific needs.

Early spring is a great time to begin planning your new renovation, but renovations can take place any time of year. For any questions about landscape renovations, you can call us at 720-851-3034.