How to prioritize your landscape renovation wants and needs

If you’ve decided to renovate your landscape, then you’ve likely spent some time considering all the elements your new yard can – or could – include. (If not, here’s our 15-question checklist to help you get started!) Still, you probably have a very long list of possibilities to choose from. And truth be told, you may not be able to tackle them all because of budget constraints, space restrictions, or

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15 questions to ask when starting a landscape renovation

So you’re considering a landscape renovation. It’s an exciting time! The world is your oyster, or, well, your yard is. You can create the oasis of your dreams; your very own personal retreat. To keep that joyful exuberance, it’s important to take some time planning what kind of landscape renovation you’re looking to complete. But where do you begin? Here are 15 questions to ask yourself as you begin your

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